Landeq provides a unique and comprehensive development management service to help Melbourne land owners and investors unlock more value and maximise their wealth potential through property development.

For investors, developing property can be much more financially rewarding than traditional methods of simply buying, holding and selling property, but many simply believe it’s unaffordable, lack the time or are not sure how to go about sourcing and developing the ‘right’ property.

Our extensive knowledge of the development process provides our clients with the expertise and support they require to develop their own property, add more value, and essentially create and keep the developers profit themselves.

Whether it’s a small scale multi-unit site, large scale residential subdivision, or urban infrastructure project, Landeq’s property development management services can assist you through all phases of the development process, from exploring development opportunities through to project planning and delivery. This includes:

Project Assessment & Acquisition

  • Site or ‘Project’ Sourcing Advice
  • Pre and Post purchase Site Evaluation & Feasibility Advice
  • General Advice on Entity Structuring & Financing
  • Joint Venture & Partner Investment Opportunities

Development Management (Project Planning & Delivery)

  • Planning & Design Permits and Approvals
  • Tendering, Demolition, Construction & Maintenance
  • Marketing Strategies, Sales & Settlements
  • Project Budget Management

Before you sell or buy, please contact us to explore your development options. You may be surprised how relatively affordable property development can be. Even if you own land but are not sure that developing is for you, please talk to us anyway. We may have clients that could help you extract some additional ‘off-market’ value.