Site or ‘Project Sourcing’ & Developers Advocacy

If you are looking for a property with development potential and not sure where to start, or considering making a commitment to buying a site but not sure of its potential, contact us for any sourcing and feasibility advice.

We have strong business relationships with some of the best people in the industry. Coupled with our extensive property development experience, we can help you evaluate and secure the most appropriate property development and investment sites available in Melbourne.

Project Evaluation & Feasibility

Any property development project’s ultimate performance is a function of revenue, costs and time.

Before you commit to purchasing a site or proceeding with any property development project, we believe the most crucial step is to conduct the appropriate due diligence so that an informed position of the potential risks and opportunities can be established.

By conducting a thorough site analysis, we can identify and provide advice with respect to relevant planning & design constraints such as zoning, overlays, applicable development policies, restrictions on title and building heights & setbacks. We will also research the market’s expectations with respect to potential yield, specification and marketability.

This allows us to prepare more accurate initial financial feasibilities for various development options and their funding requirements, therefore establishing a clearer picture of a project’s development and value adding potential.

Joint Venture & Partner Investment Opportunities

The key ‘ingredients’ to any property development project are developable land, enough money and the right expertise.  But often not everybody has all three ingredients.

For example, you may already own a property that has development potential and have thought about developing yourself, but have reached the conclusion that you think you need to sell as you don’t believe you can afford to fund the development costs to extract that additional value.

Or, alternatively, you may be a property investor that would like to maximize the return on the funds you have available through property development, but haven’t yet sourced the right site or not sure what you can afford.

The good news is that whichever category you fall into, there are vehicles available to access all the right ingredients in order to make a project feasible.  Joint venture and investment type partnership arrangements are a way to bring the ‘ingredients’ together, and this is where we come in.

Landeq has the expertise to guide you through this whole process.  Whether you are a buyer (the property investor) or seller (the landowner), we can help you bring the right ‘partners’ together under appropriately structured agreements to set up and deliver the property development project on the groups’ behalf, allowing each party to maximise their financial benefit.

For the landowner it essentially means extra profit from selling developed property instead of undeveloped, and for the property investor a greater return on their funds invested, with minimal effort and minimal risk. Simply, more profit for less money injected.

If you want to develop but think you don’t have all the ingredients, please contact us to explore your property development options.